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Tough Enough

posted Apr 06, 2011 23:55:13 by Dave W.
WWE's shows are pretty farking awful in a variety of ways.

Yet I watched Tough Enough and thought it decent. (The probably reason for this is that WWE aren't making it themselves, as it's been farmed out to a production company)

But seeing as half the "contestants" already have development deals, it kinda takes the fun out of it.
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Apes said Apr 12, 2011 01:35:59
Holy shit, I totally called MDogg.

Dude got a raw rap. All we heard was people saying he was boring, without them ever showing what they mean. He was taking the same bumps as everyone else, they didn't show him being any less exciting than anyone else.

He had a point, too, about not doing the high-flying stuff, since they hadn't moved to the ropes yet. He could've caught a lot of shit if he started doing flips off the ropes and the trainers didn't want them there.

Probably should've done a couple during Trish's expo thing, and definitely have taken control of the match instead of letting Luke get over on him.
Jack Newbury said Apr 12, 2011 02:17:38
That's shit, though. I dont think the not doing the high flying stuff had anything to do with it. He got 3 minutes where Trish wanted him to show her something and he sold terribly in it.

Is it shit to boil it down to 3 minutes? Sure, probably. Dude also didn't help himself with his answers to Austin.
Apes said Apr 12, 2011 02:40:51
You're right about his one-on-one with Steve. Dude just seems really mellow, which is probably how he is all the time.

I didn't get that he was selling terribly in those three minutes. Seemed to me like he was selling just like everyone else. I figured the problem was that Trish wanted to see more of him and what he could do, and he ended up doing the moves they'd been doing with everyone, until he let Luke take control and get the highspots.
Jack Newbury said Apr 12, 2011 03:32:37
I dunno, that wasn't my impression of what happened there. I don't think they were looking for the highspots. The way I put it in my column for it that will be up tomorrow morning is that he didn't "enhance the basics" and that seemed to be the thing they were responding to the most. He was doing the same stuff as the others, when he really should have been bringing better facial expressions and the intensity in those moves.

Which, generally tends to be his problem in indy matches, so, it doesn't surprise me a lot here.

And, he even mentioned that after. That he was concentrating so much on hitting his moves crisp that he didn't worry about other stuff. I just didn't get the impression it was about highspots. I was doing a couple other things while watching, so could be wrong.

He seems like a good dude based on the podcast he did with Cabana. So, hopefully he improves. Especially in terms of making his moment and not waiting for his moment.
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