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Who is your all-time favourite sports entertainer?

posted Apr 06, 2011 22:55:24 by James
Mine is Big Van Vader. When I first got into wrestling as a kid I believed he was the baddest mofo in wrestling and could take out that pussy Hogan.

He also had the most awesome helmet, and fucked up El Gigante with it. Even at 11 I knew El Gigante was the shits.
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Torgo said Apr 06, 2011 22:58:41
All-time ... alright, I'll just forget the last few years that have tainted his legacy ... and maybe some stuff he did in WCW ...

Ric Flair. He undoubtedly in my opinion was during his prime the best world champion. The stories about him are sometimes too good to be true.
Dave W. said Apr 06, 2011 23:16:18
"Vengeance is mine", quoth Sting. And then he shot the guy right in the freaking face!

Sting....Sting is the greatest professional sports entertainer in the history of professional sports entertainment.
Torgo said Apr 06, 2011 23:39:43
Look ... Sting was alright but how many times can a guy get duped?
FD Swayze said Apr 06, 2011 23:43:33
HEY! Sting killed for your sins! He was the holiest man to ever sling iron.
Torgo said Apr 06, 2011 23:48:30
I'll give him that. ... AND perhaps he has kept himself in pretty damn good shape after all these years.
Jack Newbury said Apr 07, 2011 00:47:49
Austin. Loved that dude in high school. Don't really care much for sports entertainers these days.
Anthony said Apr 07, 2011 00:52:50
Mick Foley. If you consider setting yourself on fire and talking to sock puppets whilst pulling out your own hair as 'entertainment. Then yeah.
SirStumps-a-Lot said Apr 07, 2011 07:33:02
Firebreaker Chip?

Failing that, I'll say Sting.

Rainbow Sting, not old Sting.
MartCarrick said Apr 07, 2011 11:58:46
I fucking love Kevin Nash. I really do.
jimmyjojojunior said Apr 07, 2011 14:06:25
Nash is in the UK next month.

When it comes to best "entertainer" then I'd have to say The Rock or Austin. If the Rock wrestles next year at Mania I might even go!

Poofter eh?
Apes said Apr 07, 2011 16:40:19
Sports Entertainer - Stone Cold
Wrestler - Ric Flair/Kenta Kobashi
JoshLindberg said Apr 07, 2011 19:09:27
Sting. The man had some amazing matches back in the day.
Cordogg said Apr 07, 2011 20:57:45
I like Bret Hart.
Hey! I'm back! Pollak Rulz is gone, so I figured the board needed someone to heckle.
The_Golden_Sheik said Apr 08, 2011 02:10:49
Macho Man Randy Savage. Crazy interviews that made more sense than Warrior's....barely.
Ego said Apr 25, 2011 18:48:29
I'd probably have to go for Jericho, his dvd set is the only one I've ever watched all of the matches on, and I have Bret's, Flair's, Foley's, a couple of others. He's probably over-rated by a lot of people (including myself), and certainly is never going to be considered the "Best Ever" but the fella kept me entertained.
Ooh, nasty!
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