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How bad is TNA these days?

posted Apr 07, 2011 14:08:20 by jimmyjojojunior
I finally switched off got to the point where it just wasn't offering enough redeemable factors. I loved MCMG and they had a good push for a while, but then that suddenly stopped. I quit watching round then. I trust alot of your opinions, so is it worth going back to?
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Poofter eh?
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Jack Newbury said Apr 07, 2011 15:10:01
nope, not really.
Dave W. said Apr 07, 2011 15:19:11
TNA is bad. Whether it's worse than WWE or not is down to the individual.

What it does have over WWE is that it's never completely chock full of blandness when I've seen it. Like you'd never see WWE do a storyline involving Rob Van Dam jumping from an exploding helicopter.
Cameron Archer said Apr 08, 2011 00:08:36
It's hard to believe the Motor City Machine Guns were still in the TNA Tag Team title picture a few months ago. Nowadays, aside from Beer Money, Inc., we have the illustrious tag teams of...uh...Ink Inc. and British Invasion, and possibly Generation Me if they haven't split up. Which is to say, TNA has one tag team.
Torgo said Apr 08, 2011 02:33:33
Don't forget Scott Steiner and Crimson!
B.@.D said Apr 09, 2011 19:24:20
MCMG are only gone for a bit because Alex Shelley is injured. It's not confirmed they're split up yet.

And yes, TNA is awful, but it's funny awful, and too awful to be boring - so it's better than WWE. Not for the right reasons or anything, but eh.
Torgo said Apr 09, 2011 21:26:05
I find it funny that in late 2009, TNA still had its problems. They had just announced the Hogan thing ... BUT their last few PPVs of the year were headlined by AJ Styles vs. Joe vs. Daniels and Daniels vs. Styles ...

How did Daniels go from that to jobbing to Val Venis in a matter of weeks?
Jack Newbury said Apr 09, 2011 22:23:13
That "too awful to be boring" is pure myth.
B.@.D said Apr 09, 2011 23:31:55
It's true. I honestly do believe that it is too awful to be boring. It's completely chaotic and it's fun to watch and imagine how they come up with some of this stuff.
Jack Newbury said Apr 09, 2011 23:49:00
Pretty sure they just come up with that stuff by being awful at their jobs, no?
SirStumps-a-Lot said Apr 10, 2011 09:20:54
Whilst TNA isn't boring, it is fucking shit.

There's a lot of fucking shit on the Telly. I don't watch that stuff because it's fucking shit.

TNA is fucking shit.

B.@.D said Apr 17, 2011 21:16:06
I will be recapping their latest PPV mess in the chatroom tonight.
Dave W. said Apr 18, 2011 00:01:47
So get in there and join the Lockdown Party.
MikeRobertson said Apr 18, 2011 03:34:27
Do they still do a heel/face turn on a weekly basis? That shit got too confusing when you missed two weeks.
Jonathan said Apr 18, 2011 07:36:47
Last nights PPV featured:

Mickie James pinning Madison Rayne after 36 seconds in the only interesting feud on the card. (Apparently she was injured so this is sort of excusable)

Sting retained the World Title is an Epic 8 minute affair which really makes up for the 30 second match against Hardy at the last PPV.

Kurt Angle doing a moonsault off the top of the cage, thus taking him one step closer to an early grave.

The PPV ending with Flair in a bloody mess. Does beating up a sixty year old really put anyone over anymore?
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Cameron Archer said Apr 18, 2011 22:03:42
I don't see why Mickie James was put over in her match with Madison Rayne. I realize James has a partially separated shoulder, but she was "run over" less than two weeks ago. In wrestling angles, you can get mangled by any sort of vehicle, then pop up the week later with optional minor injury and/or head band-aid.
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