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How bad is TNA these days?

posted Apr 07, 2011 14:08:20 by jimmyjojojunior
I finally switched off got to the point where it just wasn't offering enough redeemable factors. I loved MCMG and they had a good push for a while, but then that suddenly stopped. I quit watching round then. I trust alot of your opinions, so is it worth going back to?
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Poofter eh?
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jimmyjojojunior said Apr 21, 2011 21:29:11
Kurt Angle is a fucking fanny. That moonsault did NOTHING for the match with jarret. I thought they put it in to make up for the hurricanrana botch, but then I realised Angle literally wants to die in ring!
Poofter eh?
FD Swayze said Apr 21, 2011 23:23:43
Did you like that match Jojo? Although a moonsault off the cage is always cool, I thought the match was kind of a mess. It reminded me of the Angle-Anderson cage match they did last year which was a big mess with some jumps off the cage.

Some people really liked it though, and Angle feels it's the match of the year already! I've never liked any match with Jeff Jarrett so I may be biased. Was it a great match? How does it compare to Undertaker-HHH, which might be the only match in general WWE has done all year?
Jack Newbury said Apr 23, 2011 17:14:37
"Some people really liked it though, and Angle feels it's the match of the year already!"

That's because some folks like spotfests.
Jack Newbury said Apr 23, 2011 17:22:38
I'm usually not bitter about Angle being not-good, but, watching Jericho-Angle from like 2000 on the Jericho DVD...fuck, that dude had so much potential. Angle just decided to ramp up the cheap pop moments at the expense of the stuff that provides a match with some backbone.

There's definitely a reason why he has never really drawn much despite being a guy that an average fan RARELY would say bad things about.

I might turn this point into a post on the main page.
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