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Jon Moxley, Tyler Black - Who's next

posted Apr 07, 2011 07:39:19 by SirStumps-a-Lot
So firstly, I'd like to say I was proved to be a Wrestling genius. I said that Jon Moxley would be the next big indie call up.

All hail me.

So with the WWE picking up Mox and Black in recent months, who's the next indie talent to go to the 'E's blandness factory?

I'm going for either Rhett Titus or Sami Callahan.
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Jack Newbury said Apr 07, 2011 12:59:03
Sami Callahan, really? I haven't seen tons of him, but, he seems like he's not that great in ring...and doesn't have a lot going in the promo part like Moxley to make up for it.
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Jack Newbury said Apr 07, 2011 13:00:04
Rhett Titus doesn't seem a bad choice. I wouldn't be surprised if WWE signed him and Kenny King.
SirStumps-a-Lot said Apr 07, 2011 14:19:24
Sami Callahan is improving; he's got a certain uniqueness.

Didn't WWE sign Been Wellington a while back? What happened to him?
Cameron Archer said Apr 07, 2011 23:38:48
Brent "Beef" Wellington went to FCW and was Genericnameasized into Brad Maddox.

He's not the Beef Wellington that punches people in the ass, though, so I don't care.
JoshLindberg said Apr 08, 2011 01:39:20
Kenny King would be a likely choice to be signed by WWE. He was on the second Tough Enough. I also wouldn't be surprised if they were looking at Eddie Edwards.
MichaelSangregorio said May 03, 2011 04:28:39
I believe that Sami Callihan is very overhyped by certain promoters and fans. I see a lot of cliche and nothing to capture broader audiences. I also don't like his lack of storytelling in wrestling matches.

But that's just me.
Jack Newbury said May 03, 2011 12:45:50
Yeah, I admittedly haven't seen tons of Callihan. But, since writing my initial post here, I have seen the Best of the Best and there wasn't anything in that three match run that really made me think that he should be getting the hype he is currently getting.
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