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Ultimate Fighter

posted Apr 07, 2011 15:13:16 by Dave W.
I've not seen the second episode yet, but I thought that first one was somewhat underwhelming.

Last year you had a whole episode of tryouts, this time it was just "Okay, you twelve have been picked".

And the eventual first matchup was incredibly dull. UFC audiences would've booed that.
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Jack Newbury said Apr 07, 2011 15:20:27
Most of the matchups on Ultimate Fighter over the years have been fairly dull. I think it's just a show that you go through, hope there's some entertainment moments in the house, hope there's some dudes being douches that you can make fun of, and if the fights are good in the early episodes, well, that's a bonus.
Chris Phillips said Apr 08, 2011 14:54:00
TUF never gets interesting until after the first round of eliminations. Give it another episode or two until the drama starts in the house for much to happen.
Dave W. said Apr 08, 2011 17:20:26
I think maybe last year's season was slightly more interesting for some reason - perhaps that faux-rivalry between GSP and Koscheck helped.
Dave W. said Apr 15, 2011 15:10:55
That guy Lew Polley seems like an idiot.
Chris Phillips said Apr 16, 2011 14:10:30
Lew definitely comes across as someone who is motivated, but a bit dim.
Dave W. said Apr 27, 2011 23:24:47
I'm not sure if Lesnar just isn't inspiring confidence in his team, or his team really is bunch of pansies.
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