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Top guy going currently ...

posted Apr 08, 2011 15:36:07 by Jack Newbury
who ya got? Indy, entertainments or otherwise.

Also, maybe not just top guy, but just cats you're digging lately...

Right now, I'm digging Eddie Edwards. Mainly because his IPPV work has Been really stellar in comparison to the underwhelming hdnet stuff I saw.
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James said Apr 08, 2011 18:34:14
CM Punk, he is pretty much the best at everything.
jimmyjojojunior said Apr 08, 2011 21:04:51
Prince Devitt. Got to wrestle Mistico just before WWE. He fuckin hates workin the spics but it was immense, mental stuff.
Poofter eh?
James said Apr 09, 2011 01:20:24
What would you say are Devitt's best matches that are on YouTube?
B.@.D said Apr 09, 2011 19:23:00
Also say Punk. WWE sucks at everything not CM Punk-related.
Dave W. said Apr 09, 2011 23:11:52

...or is Big Van Vader still touring?
James said Apr 09, 2011 23:17:28
Vader is tagging with his son in Japan.
Anthony said Apr 10, 2011 03:45:51
People tend to disagree, but The Miz. The Miz is pretty decent.
theTruman said Apr 10, 2011 06:49:52
CM Punk is just heads above anyone in WWE or TNA. Not to mention he kills marks on his twitter account. Just started getting into watching Chikara, and there is a ton of talent there. The Tag matches there are just outstanding from what I've watched.
Jack Newbury said Apr 10, 2011 14:19:26
The Miz is growing on me a ton.

CM Punk entertains me more than anyone else when I do watch RAW, and it sounds like he pulled a decent match out of Orton at Mania, which is not easy. It's hard for me to put him on this list knowing how good he was.

I'm certainly not the type that would begrudge a dude from leaving the indies for the WWE. It's the dream of all these dudes, the top spot in their career path, money, less physical toll on their body. But, at the same time, I'm not going to ignore what Punk was doing 6 years ago.
Torgo said Apr 10, 2011 15:04:28
That's the minor leagues, playa!

WWE is where the big boys play!

Yes, I am Teddy Long.
jimmyjojojunior said Apr 10, 2011 16:42:54
James, easily his stuff with Marufuji, Ibuchi, Milano Collection and his tag stuff against MCMG and Golden Shower (ibuchi and Omega).

He has belters with guys wh have no right to be there either, like Strongman, Kannemoto (I dont like him) and Jado and Gedo (who are unfortuantely past it)
Poofter eh?
jimmyjojojunior said Apr 10, 2011 16:57:01

Devitt vs. Internet darling Davey Richards
Poofter eh?
B.@.D said Apr 12, 2011 21:38:05
The Miz fucking sucks. No one can name a good Miz match. People will name that Morrison shit from January, which was a good Morrison match, not a good Miz match. Morrison fucking killed himself to get Miz over.
Torgo said Apr 13, 2011 00:02:18
Miz is a company man now. Thats why he has the title.
Anthony said Apr 14, 2011 01:40:18
I'd say The Miz is a bit more entertaining to watch than a lot of people currently employed by WWE right now, which is why he got my vote.

I'd also say Dolph Ziggler is great to watch right now.
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