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Low Ki vs. Sami Callahan - JAPW

posted Apr 10, 2011 14:37:30 by Jack Newbury
I don't know how to embed this. But, I like when companies put entire matches on Youtube. And, not like, their throwaway matches. So, I definitely want to spread it around. The more views shit gets, the more they'll probably do it.

This is Ki against Sami Callahan from a recent show. Callahan is getting some good indy scene praise. I haven't seen enough from him yet to think that, but, he is getting good buzz. Although, his new tag team in DGUSA is called Dirty Ugly Fucks, I believe.

I like Sami's sense for psychology, in the few times I've seen him, though.
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Jack Newbury said Apr 10, 2011 14:53:02
The announcer made a note after the first pinfall attempt (about 13-14mins in) that Ki was mainly trying to feel out when Callahan would kick out. Loved that comment, and I don't think I ever heard it before. I thought it was a great point to make because a lot of matches these days suffer from too many pinfall attempts...and putting a pinfall attempt in between just about every big move.
jimmyjojojunior said Apr 10, 2011 17:00:35
you run the risk of having too little pinfall attempts, which I think for a while some indy wrestelrs suffered from
Poofter eh?
Jack Newbury said Apr 10, 2011 18:06:47
I'd rather a match err on the side of too little pinfall attempts than too many. I think it's much easier for guys to burn through attempts and have it crush the match than when they're not going for pinfalls.

That said, it seems much easier to mask a weaker or average match with tons of pinfall attempts. So, I get why people do it. I just wish people were a bit more judicial about when they put them out there.

I didn't watch any wrestling from '06 until last summer and the first thing that annoyed me was the overkill on pinfall attempts in matches. So, this is just a pet peeve I've got.

Examples...Daniels vs. Omega from ROH DBD last summer and Daniels/Tyler Black from last summer ROHDNet. The first time through on both of these matches I really disliked them because they went overboard on the pinfall attempts.
SirStumps-a-Lot said Apr 11, 2011 09:04:09
Callahan's come a long way in a short period of time. I think he's benefitted from working with Moxley as he seems to have dialled it down a notch.

Has to change his ring gear though...
jimmyjojojunior said Apr 11, 2011 11:42:44
Danielson is all about the "realism" though, so he throws in so many pin attempts to make out that he's trying to win. I do get ur point though, but I remember watchin 15 min matches where the first pin is the finish. Theres no story telling there surely
Poofter eh?
Jack Newbury said Apr 11, 2011 12:45:12
Do you mean Danielson or Daniels? I don't think Danielson suffers from too many pinfalls. A 15 min match with one pinfall attempt certainly sounds awkward, but, I wouldn't write it off sight unseen.

And, I don't think the too many pinfalls come from "realism" either. If dude is kicking out of everything, then you're gonna want to string moves together.

I mainly think it's spotfest dudes trying to trick the live crowd. Like, I can't really tell this crowd a story, so, let me just fuck with these cats.
B.@.D said Apr 12, 2011 21:36:45
Danielson can't suffer from too many pinfall attempts when WWE won't let him pin anybody. HA! Fist pump!
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