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Who stole my Happy Cake Oven?

posted Apr 10, 2011 13:37:39 by FD Swayze
It makes real cupcakes with a 40-watt bulb. And there's icing packets. But the secret ingredient is love...damnit!

Now who did it? Was it...YOU!?!
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Jack Newbury said Apr 10, 2011 14:26:50
Who, me? Yes You!

Couldn't Be! Then who?

B.@.D stole the love from the happy cake oven jar!

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Torgo said Apr 10, 2011 14:56:40
Oh poop.
B.@.D said Apr 12, 2011 21:30:45
You're all weird. Fist pump!
Torgo said Apr 13, 2011 18:21:39
Quiet, fignuts!
JoshLindberg said Apr 21, 2011 22:18:03
Lex Luthor stole the Happy Cake Oven.

And that's terrible.
Torgo said Apr 22, 2011 18:31:06
My friend, you will never understand the glorious times we speak of ...

I am now off to watch Chopper Dave.
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