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No Raw previews????

posted Apr 11, 2011 23:14:24 by jimmyjojojunior
Either WWE are hella confident for tonight or they are just fucking lazy. Anyone heard any previews for tonight???? or should I go to bed?
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Poofter eh?
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Jonathan said Apr 12, 2011 09:44:35
I have a few thoughts and notes from last nights Raw.

Good opening segment, all the 5 wrestlers have legitimate claims to a title shot and it was a great idea for the mystery Raw GM to put them in a gauntlet match.

R-Truth especially did a great job of putting over why he should get a title shot.

I am so pleased for Brie Bella to finally reach the top of the mountain. She is known backstage as one of the hardest working divas both in and out of the ring.

This match only went 2:20. I think to do the title justice they could have gone maybe 2:45, just to make it feel a bit more 'epic' but good work from both girls. Cool backstage work from Eve after the match to show what the title means to her and the rest of the Divas lockeroom.

Sin Cara beat Primo. Suprised this made Raw as it really felt more like an 'Afterburn' type match.

Santino is the acceptable face of the WWE entertainment. I've heard he is now part of the WWE writing crew giving advice on the 'comedy' skits which can only be a good thing. However The Corre picked up the victory which is the sensible decision. They picked up a great rub last week even if the Rock and Cena eventually got the better of them and they are on a big time roll now.

Jerry Lawler/Jim Ross v Swagger/Cole will pop the buy-rate for Extreme Rules. I was hoping for more of a stipulation to this tag match. If they make this a TLC tag match it could be off the charts.

Edge retires. For me this is clearly a work, Christian will step in, take the ball and run with it and we will get the "Edge held me down" rants. Edge will eventually return and we get some great matches. While this has potential for good TV I think this it is rather unfair to work the fans like this.

Gauntlet Match. They sold a great story about why R-Truth / Cena / Miz have to settle their differences in a triple threat match at Extreme Rules. Can't wait to find out what the stipulation is.

Whatever it is, I really think R-Truth will walk out the champion. WHATS UP POWERBOMB.COM?

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