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posted Apr 14, 2011 09:13:54 by SirStumps-a-Lot
Here's a little thing that's getting on my moobs at the moment, the 'Subscribe' checkbox.

Could it be defaulted so it's not Subscribed as I keep forgetting to uncheck it and my mailbox is being spammed by the Powerbomb.
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Torgo said Apr 14, 2011 16:35:37
Not a chance in hell. You will be reminded of your secret shame every day and you'll love it.
Jack Newbury said Apr 14, 2011 16:59:03
good idea.
Dave W. said Apr 14, 2011 21:22:51
As you should have gathered by now, the answer to any question about this forum software is:

Probably not, no.

Subscribe to that.
James said Apr 17, 2011 20:37:16
Dave has nailed it.
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