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When Ric Flair broke his "retirement" did you feel suckered?

posted Apr 17, 2011 16:38:39 by Torgo
Take yourself back to 2008, Wrestlemania 24 ... WWE tries to manufacture Wrestlemania moments all the time now. They point to the the damn logo enough and so of course, moments they say are moments are from it.

But Shawn Michaels versus Flair was a great emotional moment for fans. The tears, the goodbyes, the hugs with his family ... only for him to make constant appearances throughout the year. And then he wrestles Hogan in Australia ... and well, then TNA.

Did you expect this like a Funk retirement or with such a grand stage that was laid out for his "final" match, did you feel that he would throw away his retirement for not only "big money main events" but also throw away matches against scrubs like Matt Morgan?

Related question, do you feel Shawn Michaels will do the same eventually?

Or even Edge?
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Cameron Archer said Apr 17, 2011 19:19:41
I'm disappointed Flair came back, but not surprised. It's hard to expect dignity with Flair. He'll grab Kurt Angle's testicles, call himself God, elbow a magazine, show off his ass-crack and/or manage Matt Hardy. Also, Flair blows through money like mad.

Michaels already came back from that 1998 back injury. It would be stupid of him to throw away "dickish wrestler comes back from back injury, stops being dickish, is almost as good as before injury, retires." He's at the position where WWE will throw money at him to do nothing (i.e., "ambassadorial role.")

Edge could become a commentator if he wants, given that his promos are the best thing about him. I think that's where he'll go. WWE's announcing team is a mess.
B.@.D said Apr 17, 2011 21:15:09
I don't know about suckered, because I don't think Flair intended to return to wrestling when he retired, and WWE didn't sucker us because Flair's current activities had nothing to do with them. Did I feel disapointed after the sendoff that WWE gave him? Hell yeah.
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